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The current website is a newer version than the one presented on this page and is not designed / developed by me.

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The project background

Stirile ProTV is the "Emmy Award Winning" News Department of ProTV broadcasting station.

This is the site that I am the most proud that I have worked on. I visit it daily, even if I don’t work on it for the last years.

Behind it is the best news team: TV and internet.

I was very honoured to be part of this project from the start and I worked together with extraordinary people: developers, project managers, marketing, sales and of course content kings.

For the first four versions I was the lead designer and front end developer.

The website broke traffic record after record. For a long time it was #1 in Romania.

working on wireframe
working on wireframe

Website design 2008 design 2008 design 2008

Website design 2009 redesign 2010 redesign 2009

Website redesign 2012 redesign 2012


Presentation of the new version of the site in 2012 in prime time on ProTV channel.

Website redesign 2013 redesign 2013

Website redesign 2015
(released in a changed version) redesign 2015 – released in a changed version
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